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apply new born baby passport in dubai

apply new born baby passport in dubai

How can your newborn child get a UAE residence visa?

Have you thought about all the paperwork, especially when it comes time to bring a new family member into this world?

from the beginning you will be asked for a marriage certificate, passport copy and residence visa in original or copy to open a maternity file.

The second thing is to check with your medical insurer whether it covers maternity or not from Toys to clothes, shampoo, diapers to vaccination records. Organising this all can be challenging. This article will help you to organise all documents from birth registration to the residence visa of a child.

steps to get the birth certificate of the baby all hospitals provide birth notification in Arabic. After discharging from Maternity Ward go to the preventive medicine department at al-baraha hospital with notification of birth and parents passport, residence permit, original and copy. fill out the application form and you will get a birth certificate in Arabic.

Required documents to open a Maternity file

Marriage certificate
Residence visa for both parents original as well as photocopy
Passport photocopy

Step 1

submit the child’s visa application via typing centres or Amir centres Dubai

Step 2

then this application formed baby’s original passport birth certificate marriage certificate and
three passport size photographs need to be submitted at the residence section of general directorate of residency amp foreign affairs.

step 3

you can choose to receive baby’s passport with Visa through Courier or get it stamped on the spot for an additional fee note if there is any plan to leave the country note that new baby
cannot leave the country while residency Visa is in progress in other cases of child travelling with others instead of his parents no objection certificate is also required.

After paying 50 United Arab Emirates Dirhams translate it into English to get a Visa request translation into English. To get an English version of the birth certificate the Arabic version of the birth certificate will be needed for UAE Visa processing. it is better to have birth certificate attestation on both English and Arabic versions by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

apply for the baby’s passport for passport check with your respective Embassy along with a tested birth certificate and passport size photographs of the baby. Now you have legal documents for the baby to travel to live in the UAE. You need to apply for a residence visa for the baby.

apply for a residence visa of a newborn baby within the 120 days from birth otherwise you will be fined 25 United Arab Emirates Dirhams for every single day for the next 180 days. failure to apply for a Visa still will further increase the fine amount to 850 per day.

new born babies Visa

The government of UAE provides both online and offline Visa processing options to the residents. offline visa application can be availed via licence typing centres where the visa application is typed and processed through the gdrfa.

the general directorate of residency and foreigners Affairs of the respective Emirate the sponsor has the option to Avail receiving message notification upon approval at every stage Dubai government has stipulated that all Visa processing applications must be processed through Amer centres this is specific to Dubai residents only these applications can be tracked online or offline through Ministry of anterior.

apply new born baby passport in dubai
apply new born baby passport in dubai

Cost of newborn baby passport in Dubai

1.Birth notification that is issued by health department is free of cost.

2. Cost of each copy of birth certificate will cost AED 50.

3. The cost of attestation is 150 AED.

4. Informing the health insurer about the birth of your child on the time within the 30 days if not then you will be charge AED 100.

5. Visa fee AED 250.

6. Passport AED 20.

7. Health card AED 110.

8. Tahsil attestation fee AED 150.

By some in up all the costs the passport fee of a new born baby in Dubai is lump sum 450 to 500 AED.

Above was overall procedure of applying for passport of a new born baby in Dubai including the required documents and the cost of each steps involved in the process. Hope it will be helpful to you. But keep in mind that the very time to time. But you should have at least 500 AED present at the time.

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