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I know u r here to search your Driving License status either it is expired, valid or invalid..

Many People either they live in or outside Oman visit different sites or search through YouTube but they still didn’t get answer to their question…

But I m sure, U will find my article very interesting and helpful for u because it’s to the point and simple.

A person living in Oman either he is a citizen or not but he can not exit Oman or travel to any other country before submitting his all fines that are implemented on his it’s necessary for a person that he should submit his all dues or fines which are implemented on his license cause there is no any other way to get rid…

For this person one should know regularly about the charges he is fined on his license and he should have very handy truck that he should Check his fine without any long methodology but with just a click on his cell phone…

So here are many ways to find license fine for different countries but I have a very great trick u can simply do it in your phone and get access to all details related to your license..

But if we talk about driving license of Oman, so definitely it will be different from other countries as I mentioned above that every country has its own laws…

LETS proceed further with genuine method of finding traffic fine Oman..




1:TO begin with procedure open the app ROP that u installed..

2:The app will show an interface and will contain many options..

3:As we are in need of traffic fine information we will select the option “Traffic Service”.

4:Now another interface will show three options…

a: vehicle registration renewal

b: offences enquiry and payment

C: information’s

5:so for our need and purpose we will select the option” information”.

6:An interface will open and u will ask for your license number in empty space so you should enter your license number as it will be displayed on your license card.

7:But take care leave the mark on “civil number” as you r not from any arm forced.

8:After entering your license number just push the button in the bottom “Enquiry”..

9:This process will take at least one minute and the page will be loading for a moment greatly depends on your internet speed..

10:After loading the next page an interface will show all the information related to your license either it is expired or is valid to use, its date of issue and as well as date of expiry…

So this was the whole simple procedure u have to follow for finding your license status…

Hope u find my article very interesting, simple as well as helpful..

Thanks for your visit


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