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Dubai Flights Update Today 2021

Dubai Flights Update Today

From  the start Dubai has very great schedule of flights from over all over the world and provide travel with great services like all other countries..

The main reason people used to fly to Dubai is that it has great opportunities for business and jobs second a great place for tourists and thirdly I think hajjis stay mostly in Dubai whatever more reasons will also exist…

But as I told u before that Dubai flight service and schedule was best from the Start but now a day they are very irritating because of the COVID..

COVID has greatly affect every country on. All aspects specially it’s traveling schedule..

Dubai is one of those countries who’s flight schedule is very affected due to COVID…

Dubai Flights Update Today
Dubai Flights Update Today

Let’s today’s flights schedule for Dubai…

Dubai Flights Update Today , The news on Dubai flights were lastly updated by 12 July 2021 which states that flights from 21 July 2021 will be suspended from Pakistan, India Bangladesh and and srilanka..

In response for the passengers who have travel from India, pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in last 14 days can also not travel to any other place from UAE and vice versa..

Those passengers my be accepted for travel who have nationality or golden visa during this session…

Due to these suspension of flights travel agency of UAE are having a lot of calls with flights concern so those people who have issue other than flights can contact later as agency can not response them.. visit for more detail Here 

For rebooking passenger must have to call immediately if their flights are cancelled due to COVID 19 restrictions or route suspension…

Or for booking your ticket or more information you can visit the following website

More important here is that GACA of Dubai included that in documentations of traveling will from now also include a negative PCR test certificates taken no more than in 72 hours of the departure time..,

Notice for customers whose flights are cancelled or suspended

If u did not receive any important update about flight make sure you provided. Correct details about u..

That was all new updates about Dubai Flights Update Today hope you find it helpful and correct..

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