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Extension of Saudi expired Iqama online

Extension of Saudi expired Iqama online

The Minister of Saudi Finance authority, on 24 January 2022, announce the expiry date of iqamas for Overseas of Saudi are extended to 31st March,2022.

Those Overseas who have the expiry date for their iqamas within the date from 24 January to 31st January 2022 Iqama expiry will automatically be extended.

This extension of a Commerce will be done with the collaboration with National Information centre, and there is no need to visit the passport direct rate to extend the iqamas expiration.

on this proclaim of Ministry of Finance, disorder passport authorities for all over fees automatically even reentry B H without any charges till March 31st 2022.

The extension for Iqama, that is issued by Ministry of Finance Saudi is just because of covid-19 pandemic.

This extension is specially for those residents which are outside the kingdom in countries. And those countries mainly includes those countries from which travel was band due to covid-19 Until March 31st.

More power at the that time, it was expected that the validity of a comma will also extend for those who are outside the country and also there travel has been banned due to coronavirus..

Now the recent news of Saudi on 23rd February 2022 has helped out the resident as well as Overseas of Saudi Arabia.

Asse on the above announcement all provided to all people but decide this most of employers and companies did not extended even announced by Ministry of Finance.

This act of the employers greatly affect Their employees as they were not able to travel and their camels were expired or going to be expired by 31st January 2022.

This non serious attitude of the employers and the company towards their employee, and even not implementing the decision of Ministry of Finance made Rush and a kind of disturbance for all employees in the country.

For this purpose, The Ministry of Finance of Saudi Arabia again proclaimed and announced on 23rd February 2022, that those people employees aur any individual to which their country is not allowing to extend their visa automatically as stated by Ministry of Finance, they can directly contact the ministry..

For contacting the directorate and ministry of finance, everyone should send application to the Riyadh official email.

The application should consist of all the problems with the basic information of the person like company name, employer name, City, persons name and CR number.

After finishing the whole process of writing application and putting all information required, you can simply send this application to the yard official email which is given below..

Email : [email protected].

After sending this application, the ministry will directly contact you or help you out in your problem and will automatically extend your visa till 31st March 2022.

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