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Girl Chest Increase Exercise

Girl Chest Increase Exercise

Chest size greatly depend on genetics, body weight and Lifestyle..

Chest size is counted in a beauty of a woman… If your chest size small it will great affect your beauty.. Everywoman wants beautiful figure which is best size according to their body weight and age..

Normally there are many ways in which you can increase your chest size Life by taking supplements, doing different kinds of massage, creams, herbs and different enlargement equipment’s…

But there are no any advices according them that they can increase chest size..

Those which normally includes back, muscles and pectorals are considered to be very effective in increasing your chest size..

So hair I will suggest you exercises you can easily do at home with cheap equipment’s but be careful avoiding any injury and be sure to follow all steps so that it can help you out…

Wall presses

This exercise can easily be perform at home by standing in front of wall and pressing your Palms against the wall but should be in a height of your chest without bending your body..

Arm circle

At your shoulder level extend your arms outside start making circle slowly slowly backward for a minute. Now make circle forward.. Now for one minute using a small motion take your arms up and down..

Repeat this exercise two to three times with a small break..

Arm presses

You can perform this step by either sitting on standing in a way that palms should be together and by extending your hands in front of chest..

Open your arms that it point it goes to the point back that it can no more and bend your back..

Now bring your arms together and do this exercise for at least 1 minute

If you want to make this exercise more difficult you some weight in your hands some stretchable wire..

Prayer pose

It’s the easy pose you can simply perform by moving your hands or arms..

Extend your arms and press your palms for 20 to 30 seconds.

Now at 90 degree bend your elbows and in front of your chest pressing your palms in towards each other in a prayer position.

Hold this pose for 10 seconds and repeat 15 times..

Horizontal chest pose

By standing in front of your body extend your arms and bend them at 90 degree and then open your arms as toward back it goes till the last point and again bring them back and touch with each other..

Repeat this exercise two to three times..

The towel workout

This exercise can be performed easily at home it is performed by household items towel..

To perform this take a towel, outstretched your arm while standing photo and widen your chest..

At the back bring your arms all tower from the head and by the other arm hold it from back..

It starts slowly slowly pull and tug both the ends of towel by moving your muscles and arms..

Hold this pose for 20 seconds and get back to the starting position slowly and pause for a small break..

Repeat this exercise for 2 to 3 times..

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