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Giving birth in Dubai as a visitor

Giving birth in Dubai as a visitor

If the date of delivery is near and you are not able to fly off from Dubai and this has put you in a trouble. Then no need to worry. Because in todays guide we will cover all the topics and bring the solution to your problem if you are giving birth in Dubai as a visitor.

This article will be helpful for all the visitors but especially for those who are giving birth in Dubai as a visitor for the first time. So without wasting any time let’s proceed to the article. Once you follow all the steps that I am going to mention above, you will be able to solve all your problems and headaches.

Before proceeding through the articles and going deep in detail you must keep in mind the three points if you are giving birth in Dubai as a visitor.

Giving birth in Dubai as a visitor
Giving birth in Dubai as a visitor

1. Home birth Is not allowed

For giving birth in Dubai you can choose any authorised clinic, Hospital or nursing homes and there are many available. Giving birth in Dubai as a homework is strickly prohibited as you will face problems while creating all the official documents for your child.

2. You have to be married.

In order to give birth in Dubai you must be married couple. You must have a valid marriage certificate. It is because Dubai is an Islamic country and follows all the Islamic rules strickly. Giving birth in any hospital of Dubai without being marriage can put you in a serious trouble.

3. Right place for delivery baby

Due to the new technology there are many facilities for women during pregnancy is like up to date machinery, well trained nurses and experienced midwives. So in choosing the hospital are clinic for delivery you must keep all this points in your mind that you get all the facilities at one place.

Here are some measures steps if you are giving birth in Dubai that we have divided into two parts. The first one is before delivery and the second one is after delivery. So let’s proceed with the before delivery care.

Before delivery

Delivery date comes near you have to keep the following steps in your mind that we are elaborating below.

Number one: Finding the right Hospital and gynecologist

You can choose the right hospital and gynecologist very easily now a days. Because all the well known gynecologist and hospitals has their own official website. You can go through their website, check their reviews facilities if they have. You can also get help from the doctor by which you check up each month.

Number 2: Taking appointment from the doctor

Once you have selected the right hospital or clinic for yourself. You have to take appointment and visit the hospital. There you have to submit all your necessary documents by which the hospital will open a new file for you, which will allow you to deliver baby within the hospital.

The documents are,

1. Medical insurance
2. Marriage certificate both original as well as photocopy.
3. Resident ID of both parents original as well as photo copy.
4. Visit visa of both parents.


After this the doctor will check up you and will assign the type of delivery either normal or C section. After this you have to make sure the medical insurance because due to high cost it is necessary in Dubai.

After delivery

Number one: Getting birth certificate

If you have a certified marriage certificate, then immediately after delivery you can proceed to apply for the birth certificate of your baby.

Number 2: Apply for UAE residence visa for baby

After getting the certified birth certificate for your newborn baby, you have to apply for the resident visa of Dubai for your child.

Cost of childbirth in UAE

Both maternal Health Care and child birth and UAE are expensive. The standard delivery will cost you AED 22000 to 33000. The charges may increase if the delivery is C section.

Depending on the type of delivery, the delivery charges in any government hospital will cost you nearly AED 7000.

Before delivery you can compare the charges of different hospitals and cleaning make sure that the charges are in your budget.

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