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This word seems to be very new or never heard before. ok so I will tell u simply about Hajj smart card in this article..

The government of Saudi announced that this year Hajj cannot be performed without smart card or permit. Hajj smart card is mandatory this year of 2021 for performing Hajj.

According to Saudi Arabia government from inside the Saudi only 60000 pilgrims can perform Hajj either they belong to any nationality. But also announced some conditions regarding these..


How will be allow for Hajj this YEAR:-
People who are fully vaccinated are are allowed to perform Hajj in year 2021.

In this case also who haven’t perform Hajj last five year, priority will be given to them.

But this year Hajj packages was to high and it was estimated that people will not afford but in first day of Hajj registration above 450k people apply for Hajj.

HAJJ SMART CARD 2021 ,In addition to this when smart card was launched at this year 50,000 smart cards to the pilgrims were distributed.

You know the Saudi Arabia ministry of Hajj and umrah won the Makkah award of excellence in Hajj and umrah service this year..

More this Hajj smart card is link to the smart phone app which is its positive point that it’s handy..

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