Apply For Saudi Driving License
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How To Apply For Saudi Driving License

How To Apply For Saudi Driving License

This article has a comprehensive method for one who want to apply for SAUDIA driving license which provides tricks, tips and techniques during different driving tests..

First to get the driving license in SAUDIA u have to registered with RkP(SAUDIA police)

Resident card
Vision test from an authorized optical shop
And to arrange the driving instructor

In addition woman has choice to hire woman driving instructor if they did not feel comfortable..

Then SAUDIA POLICE will issue green book where all your driving tests record will be maintain..

Apply For Saudi Driving License, Let’s begin to the further procedureApply For Saudi Driving License

Now from here u will be asked to get ready for training but u should be very patient during training and follow all commands of your instructor.. visit for more UAE Updates Apply UAE Driving License Online

In SAUDIA driving tests are mannerly organized in two stages

Apply For Saudi Driving License

Stage one consist of three steps in a single day
1:sign test
2:Drum test
3:slope test
Your trainee will guide you through all these test and will help u out.

After this 2nd Stage starts which is finally the last and main stage and is called road test , In this u will be driving on a road but with some precautions.. visit for saudi updates Transfer Mobile Balance from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan

Apply For Saudi Driving License


  • Do short practice in morning
  • Dress your best
  • Avoid sunglasses
  • Listen to the instructions carefully
  • Keep in mind the initial moves
  • Maintain a good speed and follow standard driving rules
  • Entering the main road
  • Changing lanes
  • U can take over
  • Applying brakes
  • Road signs reverse etc.

Then by passing your all tests a trainee will provide you with driving License on the behalf of SAUDIA traffic police

But if u fail in any test u will not get the license but u have chance to re appear and you have to repeat the above process again..

If u follow all the steps clearly with full attention u can definitely get your license in first attempt. but never loose your arm, u don’t have to loose courage cause it’s little risky and tricky..

However in SAUDIA for a professional drivers it takes about 3 to 4 attempts to get the driving license so u have to be patient until u get your desire goal ..but for proceeding plz kept in mind your previous mistakes and be attentive not to make these previous mistakes again..

Apply For Saudi Driving License, It was all about the article just simple and easy and hope u find it helpful…

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