How to Get Gulf Schengen visa
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How to Get Gulf Schengen visa

For travelers always there are many attractive and beautiful destination in the Gulf countries. But as compare to gulf cooperation company they decide to increase their appeal and plan to introduce the visa style if Schengen for board free travel.

How to Get Gulf Schengen visa

Talk were in GCC countries according to the media talks and the GCC countries are Bahrain,Quwait ,Oman Qatar ,Saudi Arabia and UAE.

How to Get Gulf Schengen visa
How to Get Gulf Schengen visa

The purpose of this visa os that the visitor can travel in all the six countries by this one visa who have this Schengen visa.This step or decision is taken to facilitate the visitor they don’t need to apply for different or separate visa for GCC countries visit.

Schengen visa style for GCC countries 

In Dubai at Arabian travelling market ATM Ina meeting this decision is of Schengen visa style is revealed.

Minister of Bahrain of tourism He Fatima Al sairafi shared this decision taken for the ease of the visitor that there is no need of separate visa only one visa is enough for GCC .

How to Get Gulf Schengen visa
How to Get Gulf Schengen visa

Fatima Al sairafi said that we have seen that most of the people travelling from Europe to abroad and are not staying in one country. She also said that it can bring not each country but all of us.

She also said that we have targeted tourist around 8.3 millions but we achieve 9.9 and this because that we have promoted the country Bahrain. also
along the UAE and GCC market also.

And the result of this action is that the number of tourist is increase she said.
Abdullah Al salehal he was also the part if this discussion and decision.He also said that for our economic growth of country it is also necessary.

What is schengen visa ?

It is short stay visa of unrestricted movement between 37nation of European and the Schengen zone is made by this shirt stay visa.It is granted to those citizen who have no visa exempt agreement with Schengen members .

How to Get Gulf Schengen visa
How to Get Gulf Schengen visa

With in 90 day with in six months a Schengen visa holder can spend time in a country.
From any schengen country this visa can be granted to you.

When to apply for visa ?

So around 15 day is the duration of the process on which the embassy process your application so don’t submit your application earlier in six months .

Important document which are going to attache to your application

There are free visa policy for 61 countries of European countries and these countries include Canada ,Singapore , USA ,Hong Kong ,Australia and macao So this free visa policy mean that these country visitor no need for visa and can stay less then 90 day in Schengen countries.

About 108 countries citizens such as India ,sri lanka ,china Nepal south Africa and Philippine need to apply for the visa and those countries are Iran,Iraq ,Bangladesh if they entre to the airport of schengen zone so they will be required transit visa.

so there are the document which are required for Schengen style visa
so these documents are divided in two part standard visa and specific visa,

standard visa documents

• First of all you need a application of Schengen visa.
• Two photograph taken with in last three months of dimension 34/44 mm

How to Get Gulf Schengen visa
How to Get Gulf Schengen visa

• After that you will require your valid passport and that is not older than 10 year and three to four month at least it expiry and a old passport for the visas on them.

• Flight ticket of around trip cover letter which will monitor your porpose of staying and intent also.

•At the writing of time Travel insurance with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 (USD 32,299 )

• You need an invitation latter from the host as a Proof of accommodation — In case you are being hosted,

• You need proof of financial it mean that you need an evidence that you can
support yourself financially in Schengen country during in your stay and you can do it by showing your bank statement.If anyone else is supporting you then you will show the bank statement of them and the statement should not older then 3 months.

•After that you need visa fee paid.

• After that you need Employment proof
Employment detail ,business license salary slip Income Tax return.

Second type of visa is specific document depend on type and purpose of visa which is a candidate applying.
so for you it is an advise for you that first identify your visa which visa you want to and also it’s requirements.

visas types

So four types of visa are there in the category for which you can apply and that is A,B,C and D

Type A is for the citizen of non Schengen states and it is a transit visa .This visa holder are allowed to wait for their connecting flight at the airport that is located in Schengen country.

Type Bis short time visa holder of this visa can stay in a these country less then 5 days.

Types C it is also a short time visa and it duration is about 90 days and over q period of 180 day you can stay in Schengen countries less the 90 days

Type D it is along time visa .Holder of this visa an stay more then 90 day in Schengen country and it is for those who are studying and working and living in a Schengen. Schengen country for long time more then 90 days.

•To start the process of Schengen visa first of all at embassy you need to book an appointment with a person of embassy .

• Next step is that you with biometric way ( facial scan and finger print) submit your documents and also pay the visa fee.

To do the most of the leg work you can also hire a person for this purpose.
hopefully you will find this article help full to you so that was all about the Schengen visa style.

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