How to get police clearance certificate in Dubai
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How to get police clearance certificate in Dubai

How to get police clearance certificate in Dubai

Dubai is the most beautiful and full of light state of Emirates.It is the meaning st civilized state.peole from all over the word come to Dubai to visit and embark their memories with the beauty of Dubai.
People also come to Dubai for study and for job also to make there life’s easy and full of happiness.

How to get police clearance certificate in Dubai
How to get police clearance certificate in Dubai

So as you know that this state is the most civilized and discipline so to live in Dubai you have to follow the rules and regulation otherwise a harsh action will taken against you by the government of Dubai.

So gov of Dubai provide you a certificate which of is Dubai clearance certificate in this certificate police of Dubai will give you document as a proof that you are clear from any criminal activity and you have a clear and clear record.So you can live without any trouble.

If you have any record of police so all the detail wil be shown in the clearance certificate about you.

It is an official document which is issued. by the UAE criminal evidence and information department (CEID).

From the UAE ministry of interior it is a mandatory document this document declared an individual good conduct after the thorough background check.
So if you are making necessary preposition for )) to look atestablished a new business in UAE so have to submite the police clearance certificate what ever you want to estygablished a commercial business or established a new private school what ever you want do you have to submit the pcc.

For employer this certificate is also very essential for them this will ensure that the person never had any law problems that they clear and clean from the criminal activity

How to apply

So residents of the UAE or those people who are not residence of UAE both applicant can get this clearence certificate.

Through the Ministry of interior website you can apply for the certificate online
and you can also apply on their smartphone app MOI UAE which is available on Google play and iTunes also.
To get the documents you can also visit the MOI Service centres after filling the application form and also pay a payable fee of the application form.
And you can pay the payment through the electronic pard.

Documents required

Following are the document Which is required for the police clearence certificate .So you have to follow these step.

• So first step is you will need a valid Emirates id card.

• A confirmation letter will required from the beneficiary stating that the applicant does not have any criminal record.

• After this step you will require a recent passport size photograph.

• And you will also need a passport copy of an applicant.

So these were the documents which will you need for the clearence certificate.

In other case you will need your fingerprint card of that country in which you are residing if you are no longer. resident of the UAE and the fingerprint card you have to attest it from the Embassy of UAE .

From the Police department a fingerprint
is an official report which verify the identity of a person based on biometric and decimal fingerprints.

So if you are non resident f UAE and want to get the clearence certificate so you can get it through the Ministry of interior of UAE and from Dubai police also.

So followings are documents for non residence applicant.

• so first step is that you will need a fingerprint card which I’d approved by UAE embassy.

• Next document Which will you need is
two passport size photograph of applicant

• You will need a copy of your valid passport of clearence certificate.

• A copy of your last UAE visa will also require for the clearence certificate.

• And the reason for the application

You can use this certificate for many purposes which is issue by beneficiary request so you can submit it in many purpose. For example immigration study and obtaining licence and other.

This certificate can issue you in two languages Arabic and English also so according to the languages fees is different the applicant current place of residence and the applicant of nationality both.

So this was all information of the clearence certificate hope you will find this article helpful to you and you will get the answer of your question you want to know about.

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