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Today we’ll be talking about benefit and ways to banish it why paying attention to a slight manners benefit affects more than just have your learned in fact it could be an indirect sign of having food restaurant fat subcutaneous fat is something that you see on the outside for visceral fat is something that surrounds your into the Lord it’s like stomach liver inter signs and it could also put them in arteries filled with waste more than 20.


According to a Dutch study belly fat increases risk of breast cancer in women significantly a study of 7,000 people found that those with abdominal obesity were three times more likely to develop dementia that those without
benefit some studies have linked belly fat to issues.

Cells are constantly exposed to high levels of insulin as a result of resistant intake of glucose our cells adapt by reducing the number of receptors on their surface to respond to insulin.

In other words causing insulin resistance and that will pain Korea’s response by pumping more insulin now in Chile doesn’t just escort glucose into ourselves amongst other things….

Now let’s check HOW TO LOSE BELLY FAT.


HOW TO LOSE BELLY FAT , Powerful natural remedy that will help you to lose up to 5 kgs in a month provided you eat healthy drink lots of water and avoid processed and junk food this 100% natural remedy will help you to burn fat faster and get rid of  stubborn belly fat along with losing weight and also detoxify your body..

First let me show you how to make this incredible fat burning drink and then I will share the benefits and answer some of the frequently asked questions


HOW TO LOSE BELLY FAT, Now into a saucepan add in 1 cup or 200ml water and then added two cinnamon sticks i will explain about the type of cinnamon you should be using later in now allow this to boil and once it starts to boil simmer the flame for 10 minutes,

And as it is simmering you can see that the color of the water is changing to a light amber color after 10 minutes switch off the flame and allow the water to cool down and once the cinnamon water is warm pour it into a cup or a glass and then add in 1 teaspoon honey and mix well you can remove the cinnamon sticks…

And my 100% natural and effective cinnamon tea with honey is ready to consume have this tea on empty stomach in the morning and for best results have another cup at bed-time.

Now let me explain the type of cinnamon which you should be using in this tea so these are the two types of cinnamon which is commonly found this one is known as cinnamon quills, i.e. the bark is rolled into small quills and this is actually the second quality…

These quills are made from the third or fourth layer of the cinnamon tree bark and it has less oil content and hence the benefits also will be less but these are very pretty to look at and usually used in food photography.

Powder made from the first quality of cinnamon that is the cinnamon on the left side would look like.

So I hope you got an idea about the type of cinnamon you should be using in this tea and also in all my other recipes and remedies where I am using cinnamon so do try this miracle cinnamon tea recipe..



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