Insurance Companies in Oman
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List of Insurance Companies in Oman

Oman is located in the neighborhood of saudi Arabia just like Saudi Arabia its rich in oil production due to which the economy of Oman is increasing day by day.

Due to this fact many expats wish to live in Oman and to improve their earnings.

Oman is also a part of GCC countries which is progressing day by dy many expats are traveling to Oman for jobs just like other GCC countries.

Many people are visiting Oman for the purpose of educational trips,political seminars, medical purposes and last but not the least expats also travel to Oman in search of jobs.

As it is obvious and every one knows that the countries like Pakistan ,India ,Bangladesh, south Africa, and many more countries of middle east are facing the problem of unemployment due to poverty, increasing population , bad educational system and increasing inflation.

Insurance companies in Oman

In Oman and in many developed countries medication may be a problem due to its expense, repairing a car may be a problem, renting home may be difficulty.

So for the solution of these problems many insurance companies are running in not only in Oman but in many GCC and European countries because in theses countries most of the people are expats.

Insurance Companies in Oman
Insurance Companies in Oman

List of insurance companies in Oman

  1. Alliance insurance brokers
  2. Oman Qatar insurance company
  3. Bima
  4. Al Madina takaful
  5.  Vision insurance


  1. Alliance insurance brokers

In the sultanate of Oman alliances insurance brokers are leading as insurance company that licensed by capital market authority.

It is a single solution for all your insurance requirements.Alliance insurance is also offering an extensive insurance solutions and risk management programs because it has a wide range of customized insurance policies to meet the client’s requirements.

This insurance company provide the best possible programs which satisfies the need of every organization .

Insurance policies provided by alliance insurance

  • 1- Motor Fleet Insurance
  • 2- Project Insurance
  • 3- Fleet Insurance
  • 4- General Liability Insurance
  • 5- Professional Indemnity insurance
  • 6- Property Insurance
  • 7- Employee Benefit
  • 8- Also including Personal line business such as  Car, Home,
  • 9- medical insurance
Insurance Companies in Oman
Insurance Companies in Oman

2- Oman Qatar insurance company

This insurance company is running both in Qatar and Oman for the ease of expats.

It is a small branch of Qatar insurance that has a remarkable project work not only in Qatar but in Oman also.

Insurance Companies in Oman
Insurance Companies in Oman

Insurance policies of Oman Qatar insurance

  •  Property insurance:
  • Engineering insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • work men’s compensation insurance

In addition to all these insurance packages the Oman Qatar insurance company also offers various other specialist classes of insurance like Event Cancellation, Hole-in-One, Trade Credit.

3- Bima:

This is also one of the most famous and reliable insurance company that is being running in Oman.

This insurance company is awarded and authorized by CMA.The company serves the customers 24/7.

Money cash back guarantee if you are not satisfied before the issuance of insurance policies.

Its services are very quick as it issues the policy with in 15 mins.

Insurance packages of Bima insurance

  1. • Motor insurance
  2. • Travel insurance
  3. • Domestic insurance
  4. • Medical insurance
  5. • credit life

By Bima get easy and quick insurance compare to others.


You can contact on this number for any type of help or any complaint.

+968 79997797

4- Al Madina takaful

Al madinah takaful is one of the most reliable insurance company as it is serving in Oman for a long time.

Insurance Companies in Oman
Insurance Companies in Oman

Insurance packages of Al madinah takaful


  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Property & Commercial Insurance
  • Employee Benefits Insurance
  • Group Credit Life Insurance
  • General Accident Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Domestic Helper Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Pleasure Craft Insurance
  • Individual Credit Life Insurance
  • Individual Critical Illness Insurance
  • Livestock Insurance
  • In travel insurance the company covers:
  • Personal accident
  • emergency medical expense
  • travel cancelation
  • Loss of luggage
  • personal liability
  • Legal assistance
  • Repatriation

Contact and address of the Insurance Companies in Oman

Address of corporate office:

Office No. 301/302, Bldg No. 6,
3rd Floor, Muscat Grand Mall, Ghubra. P. O. Box 80,Muscat Grand Mall, PC 136


  • Tel: +968 22033888
  • Fax: +968 22033833
  • Email:
  • Toll Free 80080808

5- Vision insurance:

Vision insurance is an Omani national insurance company that is authorized to serve in all lines Non-Life and Life insurance products.

Vision Investment Services Co. SAOG

It is the leading asset management company in Oman combined with Al Wathba National. It was founded in 2007.


All the Insurance Companies in Oman mentioned above are registers and authorized but when you are making payment for any insurance company than you should first gather all the information about it to avoid any fraud and save your money of hard work.

As an expat you should know full about a country in you are living as a foreigner and also you should investigate about the insurance companies because with the help of insurance policies you can not full fill the expenses whether of medical or it is travel, car, property insurance etc.

If you are the one who wants to know that which insurance policy he should choose than we have described many Insurance Companies in Oman that are reliable and you van trust on them and invest your money without any tension.

As we know that in a country other than your homeland you will find every thing very expensive because the GCC countries are offering many more to their locals as compare to expats.

So ho ahead read the article and change your life because you will find it very helpful and informative.

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