Marriage certificate attestation in uae
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Marriage certificate attestation in uae

Marriage certificate attestation in uae

The MOFAIC means ministry of foreign affairs international cooperation but many are familiar with the name mofa.

What is mofa at attestation?

mofa at attestation in the uae is a mandatory procedure to validate the authenticity of important certificates and documents required for visa employment study medical or any other purposes.

Who can apply for mofa attestation?

In the uae citizens residents companies students all can apply for attestation.

What certificate can they get attested?
They can get birth and death certificates,divorce,contracts,educational certificates, marriage
certificates, powers of attorney, medical certificates, commercial contracts and invoices.

What conditions apply for document attestation?

In the UAE all documents you submit must be original. the mofa will not accept any photocopies or laminated documents the information included in the documents must be true foreigners applying for a document at a station by mofa uae must first get the same attested by the uae embassy or consulate in their home country or the country of issuance.

Documents required for marriage in UAE

You will need several documents if you are unknown resident of UAE and you want to married in the UAE with the resident of UAE.

1. Certificate verifying your religion.

2. If you are changing your religion then you will need a certificate with passing score.

3. Brides father or choose marriage officer as proxy.

4. Two male Muslim as witnes.

5. Visa and ID photocopy of witnesses.

6. Photocopy of valid visa, passport and ID card of both groom and bride.

7. Pre material screening medical test.

8. Legal age of both bride and groom.

9. Cenomar Stamping.

10. Translator.

Process of attesting marriage certificate in UAE

Here are the measure steps by which you can attest marriage certificate in UAE.

Step 1: Compile all the documents

You have to compile and arrange all the documents in the step one that includes government issued ID card, you are married certificate to be attested, letter for marriage certificate attestation and duly completed application form for marriage certificate attestation.

Step 2: Reach out the attestation firm

Taking all the above mention documents with yourself reach out any attestation firm in the UAE and submit your documents there. Choose the best film for yourself and set the appointment. Also get the duly completed application form from there.


Marriage certificate attestation in uae
Marriage certificate attestation in uae

Step 3: Go to the chosen firm

Reach out to the firm you have chosen and submit did you leave completed application form and other requirements. Make payment of the whole process. Major and authentic firms will charge you only once in the whole attestation process. Keep the original Payment receipt and the service guarantee paper that must be issued by the chosen film.

Step 4: Wait until your documents are reviewed

Wait until your documents are processes and reviewed by the firm and other legal authorities of the UAE. Be patient because the whole process can take up to 8 weeks.

Step 5: Claim your authenticated documents

You will be notified that you can pick your attested marriage certificate from the firm. Visit the film and present the original payment receipt and the Service Guarantee paper in the firm to get your attested married certificate. It will be more easy in claiming your documents if you have power of attorney. But if you are receiving or climbing the documents on the behalf of another person then power of attorney is necessary.

Cost of the attestation of marriage certificate in UAE

Educational and non educational purpose the attestation of each document will coast you AED 3200.

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