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Renew UAE Driving License Urgent

UAE is fully known as united Arab Emirates and its the union of seven states that is why it is called united Arab emirates. If we talk about UAE than it is not fair to ignore its glory and success because its a developed and facilitated country that provide all the facilities that are needed by someone to live a healthy and luxurious life.

Renew UAE Driving License Urgent

Due to this glory most of the people from each and every country to get benefit from the facilities of the country and to make their lives easier one and to make their loved ones easy.

Renew UAE Driving License
UAE Driving License

Dubai is has beautiful beaches, vast deserts ,good educational system, good health system and many more that are really interesting. The government of Dubai provide many job opportunities like doctors, teacher, engineers, software engineers, drivers and many more.

So if you are a resident of UAE and you are owning a car you must be owning because its really difficult to wait for bus or taxi in the stunning hot weather of Uae or to travel by foot is really miserable or impossible so the point I want to clarify is that each 3rd person in Dubai is having a car so it is to be kept in mind that you should drive a car carrying a driving license with you if in case if you are caught without a driving license or with an expired license than you can fined or even jailed.

So its to be kept in mind that you should renew your driving g license on time. Because you should know that UAE is really strict about the rules and regulations and is really concerned to the document and its renewal so if you failed to renew the license, visa or iqama on time than you will have to pay fine and in severe case you may be jailed.

In UAE Drivers can face heavy penalties and fines for driving without a valid license in the UAE. The government of UAE requires the drivers to renew the license on time after its expiration.

As we know that people in each and every country are really busy now a days every one wants that his work should be done online while sitting at home so considering the problem of people face due to the deficiency of time, almost all the emirates allow UAE driving license renewal online that saves both time and effort of drivers.

Driving license renewal requirements in UAE

Those who has applied for the license for the first time then renewal of driving license is easy for them because most of the steps are the same as those of license application.

License for candidates of 21 years old and above

For these candidates the driving license is first valid for 2 years and after renewal its valid for 15 years for the residents. And those who are UAE and GCC national the can renew their driving license that is valid for 10 years.

For candidates below 21 years

The validity of driving license for candidates below 21 years is 1 year.

Everything step of the renewal of driving license is possible online but the eye is to ne done offline from the approved eye test centers.

Renew UAE Driving License
UAE Driving License

Documents required for the renewal of driving license in UAE

Some important documents are required in UAE to renew the driving license so you have to submit these documents in order to renew your driving license:

First of all make sure that you are having the Expired driving license because it is required for the renewal.

After that Copy of residence visa page and passport is needed.

Moreover the copy and original emirates ID card is required.

Then you must have two passport size photos.

Eye test certificate is also required to be done at reliable medical center.

You are also asked to provide clearance letter from an authorized driving school as proof of fees payment.

Regardless from which city you are belonging , the documents mentioned above are required to renew the driving license in all cities of the UAE.

Renew UAE Driving License
UAE Driving License

UAE online renewal of driving license

The government of UAE wants to provide every one a friendly environment so in order to do the renewal easily with out waste of time the online procedure is possible that is described below:

Official website of RTA Dubai 

RTA is concerned with all the traffic deals in UAE so this official website of RTA offers an easy ,online and user-friendly method for the renewal of Dubai driving license online.

First of all you have do the mandatory eye test from the RTA approved eye test center, after you are done with the test now it’s the right time to visit the official RTA website.

Method of renewing license through RTA

If you are wishing to renew your driving license online through RTA than you should follow these steps that are mentions below let’s have a look at these steps:

Step 1:

First of all you have to click on the option of The Driver and Car Owner Services tab that is available on the RTA official website.

Step 2:

Then you should go to the Driving license Services tab and get access to Dubai driving license renewal services

Step 3:

Thirdly you have to upload all the required and correct documents.

Step 4:

Then you should pay all the service charges and outstanding fines which is possible both by debit or credit card.

Step 5:

If you have fulfil all the requirements, the website will immediately provide you a temporary driver’s license that can be used for the time period until the original one is ready.

Step 6:

It is to be kept in mind that the validity of a temporary driving license is for 5 to 15 working days after which it is not acceptable.

Step 7:

Then You can pick your driver’s license from Happiness Centers at Al Barsha or Deira.

Step 8:

In case if you are not agree and you can’t pick then their is also an alternative way to collect the license that is you have to pay AED 25 for shipping and get your new driver’s license at your doorsteps.

So if you are the one who is tensed about that how you can online renew your driving license than we are here to remove all your tensions because in this article we have mentioned the method for you that you can follow to renew your driving license online if you read this article thourouly than you will find this article helpful and fruitful.

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