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Saudi Arabia free internet VPN 2022

Saudi Arabia free internet VPN 2022

Saudi Arabia ranks very poor in those countries Where are most of the applications and social networks are blocked.

As no one can use some certain social network due to its blockage in the country. Many bloggers speak against it , but they were arrested.

So in order to use block applications and social networks through free internet on any sim network within Saudi Arabia, many people use VPN which can disclose their privacy.

But here I will suggest you some free internet VPN which will value your privacy online without disclosing your IP address.

1. Proton VPN

Proton VPN is suggested for both Android as well as Windows. Means you can use it in your mobile phone as well as PC or laptop. It provides you with unlimited internet data.

2. Windscribe

It is another VPN which is used in Saudi Arabia mostly. This VPN is only for Android users and you cannot use it on your PC or laptop. More over, It has a limited internet data, as it provides 15 GB of free internet per month.

3. Hide.me

It is another VPN which is not only used in Android and Windows but you can also use in your Mac system. It provides 10 GB of internet data for a month.

4. Hotspot shield

This free internet VPN, can also be used in Saudi Arabia which provides 500 MB per day. And it can be used in Android as well as Windows.

5. Sk Ahad

It is another VPN of 2022 by which you can use free internet for whole month. Just by entering your username and password, select this strong server and click on connect. You can simply download this VPN from Google Play Store.

6. HA tunnel plus

It is another free internet VPN of Saudi Arabia which you can easily download from Google Play Store. By installing this VPN, just opened this VPN and connect to the strongest server usually u.s. And select kSA STC.

But keep in mind to turn off your mobile location as well as Wi-Fi.

7. cool VPN Pro

Use free VPN within Saudi Arabia, Google Play Store. After installation, simply open it and connect to the fastest server and enjoy free internet.

Keep in mind to turn off Your mobile location and Wi-Fi.

8. Friendi free internet

This VPN is specifically used in Saudi Arabia by their users. They enjoy free internet with this free VPN, which provides many strongest servers. You can also download it from Google Play Store easily.

9. Nova Express VPN

This VPN is Used even in the current year of 2022. VPN provides free and unlimited Internet to its user without disturbing their security and privacy. You can easily found this application on Google Play Store. You can use this VPN free of cost within Saudi Arabia.

10. X VPN

This VPN can be simply downloaded from Google Play Store, for using free internet not only come on social media platform but on any application,free of cost.

You can simply connect All the above VPNs with only one button tapping. All of the above vpns are super and highly recommended as they all provides best service within the Saudi Arabia..

The most positive point in these above pains are there they don’t disturb your security and privacy. It works on your mobile phone as well as some of then work on PCS also, without disclosing your IP address or location.

But you should keep in mind that before using this vpns, firstly you should turn off your mobile location and secondary turn off Wi-Fi on your mobile or PC.

Above all the 10 vpns can be used in Saudi Arabia easily for free internet..

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