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Side Effects Of Fast Food

Side Effects Of Fast Food 

As we know now a days fast food is necessary part of our meal. anytime on a dinning table u will notice one or two fast food item..

rather not just on dinning table but people travel to other cities for trying some other fast food.

Not only youngster but also aged and children prefer fast food..

There is no doubt that fast food are tasty and we love fast food in order to control our hunger but beside these have u ever thought that these foods must have some Side Effects Of Fast Food ?

Have u ever thought these foods are the main reason for diseases in mankind…

Surely not, you never thought about it.

It’s true the big cause of disease in a mankind is fast food..

How? Why?

In this article you will find all answers to your questions…

Side Effects Of Fast Food , Let’s have a view on article,

Fast food regular usage affects human body an internal system.. means both physically and mentally…junk and fast food my affect your body in different ways..

As we know junk or fast food have low nutrition value and high value of sugar or salt which badly effects the human body both mentally and physically..

Some fast food may will be health like sushi, sandwiches and salads and some will be harmful like MacDonald’s or KFC..

The regular use of junk food can cause obesity and many chronic diseases. morally diabetes, liver diseases and cancer are also caused by excessive junk food.

Headaches and migraine are also caused by too many intake of junk food.

Eating excess or on regular base junk food can cause depression..

Dental cavities are also caused of fast food intake..

For blood sugar fast food with carbohydrates work as poison..

Now if u want to lower the risk of all these diseases you have to plan your diet as under Daily take one plate of fruit and salad..

  • Use fat free or lower fat milk..
  • Take a food containing good amount of protein
  • Use low sodium foods
  • Use some sea foods as prawns and fishes…

As I said earlier HEALTH IS WEALTH so take care of your health as it is a great blessing..

It was all about our today topic Side Effects Of Fast Food ..


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