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UAE visa rules for newborn baby

UAE visa rules for newborn baby

If you are leaving in UAE and going to deliver your baby here then you must have to apply for the newborn baby visa. The process is not too much complicated and also is not a very costly. It involve some of the major steps to do very carefully.

On the other side there are some rules and regulations which you have to follow in order to get visa in the UAE for your newborn baby. In this article we will cover what are the requirements for applying for newborn baby visa in UAE as well as rules and regulations involved in the process.

So let’s proceed without wasting any second.


-Attested arabic translated marriage certificate.

– original as well as photocopy of both parents ID card.

– original as well as photocopy of both parents residence visa.

– notification of birth details provided by the hospital.

– summary of discharge from the Hospital.

Rules and regulations for UAE visa for newborn baby

Here are some rules which the parents should follow in order to Get visa for their new born baby in UAE. Discussing all the points one by one Let’s see how the rules and regulation works.

Number 1

The UAE visa rules for newborn baby in UAE is that the father must apply for the UAE Visa for their new born baby within the 3 months from the date of birth. Is he delayed the process, He may find many difficulties during the process of visa.

Number 2

The father must be a national of UAE or has the UAE nationality and his wife should be addict to the family book. Is the father is non-national of UAE then he cannot get visa for his newborn baby. As well as in order to specified the motherhood He must add His wife to the family book.

Number 3

On the valid UAE pass the father must have a valid account. If he does not have he can apply for the account opening on the UAE pass official website. Below is the link given for the official site of UAE pass. 

Number 4

To get UAE visa for your newborn baby the baby must be born at the authorised Hospital in which there are available services of Mabrouk Ma Yak. This is the necessary and this rule is very important to be followed. If the baby is delivered in another hospital that is not providing the service of Mabrouk Ma Yak then you cannot get visa for your newborn baby in the UAE.

– what is Mabrouk Ma Yak?

Mabrouk Ma Yak is the online e service in UAE which provides the following facilities and services to the new born Emirity babies. These services includes

– birth certificate
– add name of the baby to the family book.

– passport of newborn baby

– Emirates identity card of newborn baby

– health card

– insurance

To check hospitals that provides the services of Mabrouk Ma Yak you can go through the below in given. Mabrouk

Number 5

UAE visa rules for newborn baby for that you must have to submit All the documents in the Hospital where the baby was born. You have to submit these documents at the time of delivery. These documents includes

-Original as well as photocopy of MI rates ID of both mother and father.

– family book

– if the woman is delivering baby for the first time then also you should submit marriage certificate.

How to get services from Mabrouk Ma Yak?

In order to get services from Mabrouk Ma Yak you should follow the following simple steps.

1. First for you have to inform the hospital where the baby was born that you need Mabrouk Ma Yak .

2. You will get an SMS that will inform you to follow for the steps. This sms they will also give you the link by which you can go through all the steps online.

3. By clicking on the link you will go through the website of Mabrouk Ma Yak. Here you have to login and enter the name of your baby also upload his or her picture.

4. Now choose the route of getting your parcel if you want to deliver at your home or you want to pick it from the centre. the amount of Fee mentioned on the website.

6. Once your documents are ready you will receive an SMS.

UAE visa rules for newborn baby
UAE visa rules for newborn baby

The above was whole articles including all the rules and regulation that must be applicable during the procedure of getting UAE visa rules for newborn baby. More over there are some topics that were necessary to cover under this article.

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