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Why globalization failed?

Why globalization failed?

Liberal’s mission is to establish a global civil society based upon universal harmony, basic human rights and the rule of law. Nonetheless, a global civil society based on liberal thoughts requires some prerequisites for its survival,

Which are the removal of differences among the common and elite; to save individuals out of shared identities and bring democracy and capitalism on liberal norms. It is evident from history that Modernity was the outcome of the European explanation of enlightenment.

The liberal’s mission has been derived from the changing appearance of colonialism, imperialism, and genocide in the non-European world, in this very development compromising its founding ideal of universal freedom.

Nonetheless, it will be contended that keeping in view the present scenario of ethno-religious restoration, this “liberal mission” has completely failed owing to different but interdependent sets of variables.
Why the ‘liberal project’ has failed to renovate the world in accordance with the Western model and to have globalized Enlightenment ideals?

The foremost cause of failure of ‘liberal mission’ itself as deeply flawed from its very initial conception. According to Alasdair Macintyre,

“The ‘liberal’ project, like its Marxist-Leninist variant, was destined to fail. Macintyre conceives of the Enlightenment as the project of an independent, rational justification of morality”

The clear reason which is to be shown to a common man that why Europe is living in a better standard than the non-Europe and non-western countries? The western community itself wouldn’t accept have equal status with the rest of the world. The liberal mission itself is ill-cultural reformed and is deeply influenced by Christianity.

The second most important reason for failure, inconsistently, in the enthusiasm of globalization is uncertainty, prisoner dilemma, risk of loss of integrity, and status. The remedial solution to overcome is “reason power” over traditions whereby “certainty of knowledge replaces the habits of the individual.

Nonetheless, an ordinary response to such displacement is to seek assurance of one’s self-identity and self-determination by coming closer to any combined group that could reduce the danger of uncertainty and worry.

Hence in short words Different religious ethnic group, nationalist, and so on, lead to the failure of Modernity and globalization where they are worried and having care for self-determination and intensity and are not willing to surrender their holy identities where they had bind their soul for many a decades and generation to generation; and on the other hand, they have a great worries and doubt of cheating.

Third hurdle or cause of failure of Capitalist Modernity/globalization that central to the growth of the following argument in this analysis, focal point on the ways in which liberal-capitalist modernity come across traditional, local societies.

The theory of modernity is faulty even though the placing and rooting of modernity involve heavy modification of social practices. All modern practices are not historically extraordinary nor accepted uncritically by the modernizing civilization.

The best example can be seen while the west is trying to modernize the Islamic societies, may be unable to create secular liberal democratic societies, instead, it will increase the influence of the Lama (Religious Scholars), who were in the front line of the Iranian revolution in 1978.

The main reason for the failure of secularism, liberalism, and modern democracies is to install in Islamic societies on the Western pattern which is different in different regions,

On one hand, we can see that the ‘Islamic democracy’ for the Shi’ite of Iran and on the other hand Iraq and the case for non-Muslims Indian and Japanese democracies are contrasted and have a different meaning.

The liberal mission for liberalizing and bring Modernity and Identity on the pattern of the west in Turkey, Malaysia, and Pakistan in the shape of democracy by civilian rule has established an ‘Islamic democracy’ that was not the aim of the west.

Modernity fails to achieve its targets with the long-run process in Asia, Africa, or Latin America in the way it was practiced in the West. In easy words, the cultural differences differentiate the identities and ideologies of the people of the different regions so liberalism in a capitalist way could fail to get its task done.

Now it is well-established fact that each society has its indigenous problem and trying to resolve it in its own way. The idea which works in one place could not be replicated in the other place or region for the cause of different environment and mindset of people of that society.

The models of modernity presented by the west are flawed because they hadn’t ratified the prerequisite of their ideology which they are now confronted with. They had just a futile struggle for imposing their fail ideology with no logic and reason rather adding the flavor of so-called freedom.

A uniformed culture and uniformed identity in the modern world is a dream that would be never fulfilled unless having rational grounds. There are several cultures, traditions, and ethno-religious groups who never want to surrender their holly identities and self-determination.

The concept of globalization through capitalism, liberalism without sound practical grounds of universal humanism is more than to dream.

A universal identity seemingly impossible which will never be possible unless the west itself surrenders their identities and give equal status to all non-western which they will never do, hence the dream of global identity lost the weight.

If Modernization at a global level produces a uniform culture whereby people do not know the difference and complete rest of mind then indeed it would be as to de-humanize humanity.

Furthermore the powerful will never surrender its might in favors of minority and who have lesser power or weak finance; in this sense, the liberal theory of modernization and globalization failed to attract the imagination of the masses because of the cheat, deceit, and fraud.

Moreover, Capitalism in its present shape being a product of liberals fails altogether as having lack of all basic prerequisites for sustaining and survival; having miles distance between theory and practice.


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